It comes to that point in every student’s life that they have to make the all important choice: what GCSE’s to take.

My school offers a rather wide range of subjects (ranging from things like Dance and Drama to Business Studies and German) and it’s now come to my turn to choose which GCSE’s to take. For as long as I’ve been thinking about GCSE’s, I’ve always thought that I’d choose Drama, Dance, Music and History and even up until the day we had the assembly, I still had this idea in the back of my mind. But it wasn’t until the assembly that I realised how many other exciting choices there were and I began to create a small mental list of subjects that I was considering that I eventually transferred into the ‘Notes’ page in my diary. The list goes a little something like this:
  • Drama
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Textiles
  • History
  • German OR French
  • Business Studies

Sadly, we can only choose an extra four GCSE’s to go with the compulsory subjects so naturally, I had to halve this list. I started off by choosing German over French because they said a language would be helpful and German had always been my strongest foreign language. 
Then I decided to be ruthless and choose Drama, Music, Textiles and History which meant that I’d drop Dance and Business Studies (we’ve never taken Business Studies before and Dance didn’t really seem like the subject I needed the most). With this list in mind, I booked appointments with all of the subjects that I’d decided I might want to take, just to make sure that I was choosing the right things. I came out with the decision that Drama, History and German would be perfect choices but still wavering between Business Studies and Textiles. Naturally, I wanted to take Textiles because of my ‘passion for fashion’ and how exciting the course looks (we get to choose one of the briefs and I’d already decided that the ‘Musical Theatre costumes’ brief was perfect.) On the car journey home from Parent’s evening, my dad and I actually decided that it would be better to take Business Studies because of the academic side as opposed to Textiles’ creative side.
Now, this is where the post is heading to…
After making this decision, I decided to ask around my older friends who had chosen Business as one of their options and all of them decided that it was not a good choice to make. So, my slightly biased and creative rebel inside of me decided to call my dad to tell him that I was to be taking Textiles instead and he didn’t seem very pleased. Having finally tempted him to at least consider the option of taking Textiles (I was going to take it whether he liked it or not but still, it’s nice to have your parents agree with your choices), I went to bed with a sound mind.
The next day, I woke up and received a phone call from my Grandma. She’d had a very in-depth conversation with my auntie who had been talking about how academic choices weren’t what employers were looking for these days and they were actually looking for employees with character and creativity. Now, even though I don’t want to go into the proper workplace as you probably know, this was still very valuable information to have and I’m glad that I found it out. So now my dad is all on board with me taking Textiles and now I feel a lot safer knowing that I’m going to be making the right choice.
I hope this helped some people like me who want to try and do everything creative but can’t quite master the balance between creativity and academia. Just remember; the creative people are always much more exciting.
Keep safe and watch out for a new post on Friday!
ShaunyCat x
P.S. I finally uploaded my first YouTube video today! Please check it out here and make sure you comment, like, share and subscribe! X

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