Kirsty Mitchell’s "Wonderland"

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine told me to visit a website called Kirsty Mitchell Photography and take a look at her ‘Wonderland’ project. I took a look at the first few photographs and decided that they didn’t take my fancy but a few days later, I took a look through all of the photos and instantly fell in love. Now, they’re the talk of our class!
Kirsty Mitchell, a 37 year old woman from Kent, grew up with her mother, an English teacher who read Kirsty fairy tales every night before she went to sleep. Kirsty was inspired by the words her mother read and the characters she took on and wanted to share the images that were being formed in her head with other people. Sadly, her mother was diagnosed with a brain tumor and consequently died. Photography was always part of Kirsty’s life and it soon became her only escape. In 2009, she took on her latest project: ‘Wonderland’.
Wonderland is a gallery of photographs that tell different stories. Each photograph set (usually sets of three) represent the beginning, middle and end of a story that she read as a child. All the costumes and props in the photographs are created by herself and her team and every single photograph is photographed by her.
I think they’re some of the most gorgeous photo’s ever! Kirsty’s work just finished an exhibition at the London Art Fair, 2013. You can view the rest of ‘Wonderland’, other photo galleries and more on Kirsty’s website here. (The link directs you to the first slide of the ‘Wonderland’ photo gallery. Click on the logo in the top left hand corner to direct you to Kirsty’s homepage.)
A big thanks to my friends Mel and Megan for showing me such beautiful work!
Shaun x

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