Soap & Glory’s Righteous Butter review

Since I made this post, I’ve used the Righteous Butter every night and realised that it was just that I hadn’t mixed it up a bit with my finger so I change my opinion a little: I now give the butter an 8 out of 10!

Picture (c)

As some of you who saw Sunday’s video (a haul video and if you hadn’t then click here), I bought Soap & Glory’s Righteous Butter for the very first time, so I thought I’d kick off my beauty product reviews with this.

The Righteous Butter is a softening shea butter by Soap & Glory used to moisturize the body after have a shower or a bath. The product is rubbed into damp skin and left to be soaked up by the body as the water on your body evaporates.
The Righteous Butter has Soap & Glory’s classic smell to it which makes it just that bit more delightful. To my surprise, it has actually worked better than I thought and has definitely kept me feeling a lot cleaner and smoother on my shoulders and everywhere else I’ve applied to butter to (don’t take that the wrong way, please…) Sadly though, this butter has a couple of down sides.
The first down side is that the butter is a nightmare to get out of the pot! Unlike other moisturizers, you literally have to grab the butter (because it is butter of course) with your two fingers to be able to apply it to the body. This can cause irritation since it can easily get stuck under your fingernails. The other problem is that the butter leaves you feeling sticky for a while. Just like Soap & Glory’s famous Hand Food (their hand cream, if you didn’t already know), the cream takes forever to absorbed into your body and leaves you stuck to your dressing gown for the next 10 minutes! I definitely want to try a few more butters before I spend the full £10.50… 
Overall, I give this product a 6/10.

The Righteous Butter is available from Boots for £10.50 or in a smaller, compact edition for £2.50.
Shaun x

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