Topshop Awesomeness #1: Lipsticks

One thing I adore is Topshop. It’s definitely one of my favourite shops, just like most girls on the planet. Another thing I adore are lipsticks. Regardless to the fact I don’t own any (total lie right there, I do actually own one but that’s another story…), I still find the colours so gorgeous and everything about them just damn-right amazing. So, obviously, one of my favourite things to look at on the planet are Topshop lipsticks.

I chose this as the product to kick start my new series called ‘Topshop Awesomeness’ because of how popular the trend for these lipsticks have been in the last year or so. So many people seem to be buying Topshop make-up now and more importantly, their lipsticks. Today, I’ll be taking you through what I consider the top three most gorgeous lipsticks that Topshop currently have to offer…

3. Brighton Rock

Before I get any further into this post, if you hate the colour pink then you probably want to exit this page now. Right, now that’s all cleared up with…
This is the Topshop lipstick (obviously) called ‘Brighton Rock’ which is in a deep pink but the colour apply’s a bit lighter and leaves your lips with a matte finish. Brighton Rock is available here for £8.00.
2. All About Me

All About Me appears to be dark red on the stick but is actually a deep pink when applied. All About Me is available here, also costing £8.00.
1. Macaroon

Macaroon has been around for quite a while now and I’m still yet to find a colour that I like more than this. It’s a gorgeous bright pink and comes out exactly the same colour as it is on the stick! Macaroon is available here for £8.00.
Hopefully, this has inspired anyone who has never ventured into the Topshop lipstick range to perhaps give it a try or if you already love Topshop lipsticks, maybe it’s inspired you to give these ones a try too!
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See you soon!
Shaun x

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