My interesting shopping experience

Yesterday, I quickly popped into the local town centre with my family to grab a few essentials and when they went off to the supermarket, I decided to go and grab a few bits that I needed in shops my family didn’t want to go to. Firstly, I went into the Body Shop to try and get a new lip butter but I decided that I didn’t want to spend £4 on a lip butter when I’m trying to save some pennies. Suddenly, a shop assistant approached me and asked if I needed any help picking something out. Usually, this situation wouldn’t really bother me but it was the fact that I was asked if I ‘needed help picking something out’ and that there were about seven people in there and I was the only male. This made me presume that they must have thought that I was buying for someone for Valentine’s Day or something which is an understandable mistake. I told her I was fine and she left me alone. I then proceeded to have a look at the body butters and then a second shopping assistant came and asked me exactly the same thing! I remained calm and decided that she must have presumed the same and dismissed her in the same way and continued. Then I went on to the body scrubs and the first shopping assistant approached me again and asked once again if I needed help!! Obviously, this made me a little irritated and I just decided to buy my scrubbing Lily (on sale for £2.00, they’re really nice!) and left the store.
The other store I needed to go to was Boots. I decided I wanted to get my tinted lip balm and a cheap body mist to keep in my bag. I found the items (after having to roam around to find the items. Why the lip balm is with the toothpaste and not with skin care I will never know) and then went to the checkout. When I arrived at the cashier, I recognised the lady serving me as a friend I’d met with other friends once or twice. She smiled at me as I approached, acknowledging that she remembered me and expecting to make some small conversation, I smiled back and said hello. She then replied with a hello and scanned my items through as if she’d never even met me when I could blatantly tell that she knew exactly who I am! She even asked if I wanted a bag or if I had a Boots Advantage Card (which I obviously did) and still didn’t even ask how I’d been! Confused by why she’d ignored me, I left the store to go and find my family.
Have you ever experienced a shopping trip like this?
Shaun x

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