Dear Diary: 14th of February

I didn’t really know what to write today but since I won’t be able to make a post until Monday evening because I won’t have access to a computer until then (most likely), I thought I’d do a little ‘Dear Diary’ to just summarise my week so far and summarise what I’m going to be up to over the next few days whilst I’m away.
The past week really hasn’t been very exciting. On Monday I woke up a bit late and rushed to the bus and when I got home, I slept until 9:30pm which was crazy! I then had to spend the rest of the night doing what I was intending on doing (homework and choosing songs for future performances) until 3am which really doesn’t bode well when you have to be up again at 7! On Tuesday, I went to school as always but my acting class and singing class in the evening turned out to not be on due to the Performing Arts school being on half term this week so I spent that evening rehearsing a few songs I’d been working on for personal pleasure. Yesterday, I went to school and managed to come home and finish off most of the homework I had left and then this evening managed to leave myself with only my Art homework which is to make a fashion mood board which is super exciting! I’ve also spent most of the nights this week re-watching the best season of my favourite TV show: season one of Glee. Lea Michele (the actress who portrays Rachel Berry on the show, the best person to ever walk the earth) is exceptionally amazing in that season and everything about it is just amazing (especially since the most recent season is definitely not as good as it was before).
As I said earlier on, I’m away from tomorrow (Friday) until Monday. Tomorrow evening, I’m staying at my friend Maria’s house with my friend Lucy because on Saturday, we’re off to Somerset House to see the Valentino exhibition and then do some Oxford Street shopping! I’m so excited! I can barely remember the last time I did some Oxford Street shopping! There’ll definitely be a video and blog post to accompany the day up on Monday when I return! And then that night, I’ll be staying at Lucy’s ready for my friend Chaya’s party on Sunday. Then on Monday, Chaya and I will be making some YouTube videos to go on our channels! I’m so excited to do my first colab!
Hope you all have had a fab week and have an amazing weekend!
Shaun x
P.S. Check out Chaya’s hilarious YouTube channel here!

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