Milan Fashion Week: Day 2 Favourites

I was so desperate to get this post up earlier than last night’s post that I had to sit on and refresh the Prada show page! Regardless, here are my favourite outfits from Day 2 of Milan Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2013. (I’m stupid and forgot about Day 1 being yesterday – I’M SORRY!)
On the left is an outfit from the Fendi show. I really loved the simplicity of this outfit and the leather jacket is just amazing. The turtleneck dress really interested me too and the way it’s cut at the side. I also adore the shoes with white fluff to match the fascinator and the bag – a simple yet unique outfit.
In the middle, we have the first of two dresses from the Prada show. What first drew my attention to this outfit though was the hair and then I realised that that was the look Prada was going for with their model’s hair this season. Interesting… Regardless, this rather open dress looks stunning and the bag certainly makes this outfit pop – probably the best bag that appeared on the runway all day.
Finally, we have our second Prada dress which I almost mistook for a coat at first. The picture really doesn’t do this beautiful dress justice but the gorgeous green dress is paired with some outstanding metallic blue and chrome heels.

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