Goodworks’ Goodness Sleep Enhance Spray review

Recently, I’ve had real trouble with getting to sleep and I had no idea why. So on my most recent trip to my Grandma’s house of many random remedies and potions, I came across this; Goodworks’ ‘Goodness Sleep Enhance Spray’. The spray is designed to be sprayed on your pillow and bed sheets just before you go to sleep and the chemical it releases helps you fall asleep. Naturally, at first, I thought it was a load of rubbish. But a few nights ago I gave it a go and sure enough, it put me to sleep and every night since then it’s worked like a dream. I don’t know how it does it.
Sadly, neither my Grandma nor I have any clue where it was originally bought from because my auntie left it here one time but This Works do a very similar product for £16.00 at Boots (order it online here.)
Please let me know if you tried out either product – I hope it helped!
Shaun x
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