Milan Fashion Week: Day 3 Favourites

Before I start, I have a little confession to make – I got last night’s post on Milan Fashion Week wrong. The time difference between Milan and London confused me and I got the days wrong! So sadly, I missed out on writing about Day 1 but never mind.
Today’s post’s outfit’s are all from the Moschino show. Moschino went for a UK feel to their new collection and with my favourite patterns being plaid and tartan, I’m totally in love! 
The first is a dress which is made of tartan material. This dress is absolutely amazing in my opinion and with the mustard yellow collar (my favourite colour), this dress is the best thing I’ve seen this entire fashion week season! The tartan bag it’s paired with is also amazing. It reminds me of a bag that River Island made last season!
The next outfit has an equestrian esque which was huge last season. The main reason I love this though is the bold tartan blazer with the amazing black skirt – outstanding. And this tartan bag is even cuter than the last one!
The final outfit is even more equestrian themed than the other one with block colours. The huge Mochino logo on the breast looks amazing and the idea of having different coloured sleeves to the torso reminds me of the ever popular parka with leather sleeves which is all over the high street. Whether this was intended to mirror that or not, it’s still an amazing outfit with another top-notch bag.

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