Motivational Monday #1 – Being Yourself

This is a blog post that I’ve had planned very well in my notebook since I very first started this blogging business after seeing a blog post series by ‘Sprinkle of Glitter’ and more things have been added to the list of what I want to include since. So, I took the logical option and decided to turn this into a mini, weekly series to try and brighten up everyone on the worst day of the week: Monday. The quote in the picture above is probably the most cliche quote around but personally, I think that it’s the most important. The idea of ‘being yourself’ these days has been so overdone with people worrying about being picked on for whatever they want to do etc. Obviously, no one likes being picked on but the only way to get on in the big wide world that we’re all going to live in one day is to be 100% the person you feel you are inside and put up with the nasty things some people can say. Think of how long our lives are and think of how long that you’d be hiding the person you truly are inside of you in fear. You can’t please everyone you’re going to meet in your life anyway so why bother even wasting your time trying to now? We might as well open ourselves up to the world and take whatever people have to say now before it’s too late.
You also have to learn that many small minded individuals are going to laugh at you for the wacky things you might want to do. In a wild example, say the you that’s inside of you wants to walk around every day naked: is the walking around everyday naked going to make you happy enough to ignore all the people that laugh at you? If so, then totally go for it (actually, don’t. I don’t think walking around naked is exactly legal. But you see where I’m coming from.) Personally, I’ve been trying to decide that for myself. Ever since I started sharing my blog and YouTube account with everyone that I spend everyday of my life with, I’ve been trying to decide whether it’s really worth the constant worry that no one takes me seriously for it or that it’s completely pathetic but I’ve come to accept that that happens in every walk of life. People are always going to think that you’re stupid or pathetic for doing something, but I enjoy doing this so much that the fact that people might not like it really doesn’t phase me. 
To refer back to the quote at the start of this post, “Be yourself and the right people will love the real you”. If people don’t like the things that you’re doing, then obviously they’re not a good person to be associated with. It’s better to be happy with everything that you do and have a more selective group of friends then to be unhappy with what you’re doing and be acquainted with everyone.

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