Topshop Awesomeness #2: Nail Paints

Due to my first post in the Topshop Awesomeness series being so popular, I thought I’d make the second installment sooner than I thought.

Other than lipsticks, my other favourite make-up item are nail paints. The wide range of colours you can buy fascinate me and the way people store them also looks beautiful. So, I went into Topshop on Oxford Street last week and had a look at all the nail paints they had and realised that Topshop’s nail paints were even better than I thought they were! So, I thought I’d choose my three favourite colours…
3 – Pool Party
Nails in Pool Party
This shade of blue is one of my favourite colours ever and you can tell from the colour on the brush that this would be a perfect spring/summer colour – totally in love.
2 – Chase
Nails in Chase
This paler shade of purple is another one of my favourite colours. In my opinion though, this would of made a better winter colour but since it’s a light colour, it could work in spring/summer too.
1 – Stardust
Nails in Stardust
This gorgeous sparkly gold is one of my all time favourite colour (alongside mustard yellow, of course.) I honestly have no more to say than that. Sparkly gold shall forever win.
Hopefully, this has inspired some of you to go out and buy some of Topshop’s nail paints and at least have a look – they seriously are some of the best in the market and they all come in at around about £6.00!
Don’t forget to let me know if you try any out!
Shaun x
P.S. As some of you wide eyed people would have noticed, the shop tab on my blog has vanished. I decided that the page looked really bad and ugly and it would have been way too difficult to keep up with. Thanks to everyone that looked regardless 🙂

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