Dear Diary: Tuesday the 5th March

I can’t believe I haven’t posted in almost seven days! That’s crazy?! I’m so sorry! I’ve been caught up in so much over the past week! I’ve had my birthday over the weekend mainly so I didn’t get the chance to write a post between Friday and Sunday and that was when I was planning to write loads of posts! And then I never really got ’round to writing one yesterday because of my new obsession – the Carrie Diaries.
Probably my favourite TV show ever other than Glee is Sex and the City and at the end of January, the CW (an American TV channel) started airing a new series based on the book ‘the Carrie Diaries’ by Candace Bushnell (author of ‘Sex and the City’.) So, being a huge fan on the show, I thought I’ve give the Carrie Diaries a try since many adverts have been in Teen Vogue over the past few months and just the promo picture made me feel I’d enjoy it – and enjoy it I did.
I sat down on Sunday afternoon and decided that I’d give the pilot a try but now I’ve managed to catch up to episode 9 in three nights and I’m totally hooked! The show is set in 1984 when young Carrie Bradshaw is balancing her school calendar with an internship her recently widower-ed father got her at a law firm in NYC. Along the way she meets Larissa, editor of the famous ‘Interview’ magazine and manages to get up to a few tricks as her and her best friends Mouse and Maggie discover themselves whilst tackling boys (the amazing Austin Butler is in it as well – OMG), school, and the evil bitch Donna and her crew (who totally remind me of Regina, Gretchen and Karen from Mean Girls.) But even thought the show is set in 1984, the costumes and the plot lines are amazing and very modern and the show just magically seemed to tick with me. The morals the episodes give are also very beneficial and leave me thinking them over a long time after watching the episode – such a positive vibe!
It’s definitely up there with one of my favourite TV shows of all time!

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