Lea Michele as Regina in the new ‘Mean Girls: the Musical’?

Everyone loves Mean Girls. It’s just a fact. Tina Fey’s amazing one liners are constantly quoted everywhere we go. But when Tina and her husband announced that they were to be writing the movie into a Broadway musical a month or so ago, I couldn’t quite believe it.

Last October, our class were given ‘design a CD cover’ as our art homework and being the Broadway musical type, I designed a ‘Mean Girls: the Musical’ soundtrack since it’s been something I’ve wanted to see happen ever since I first saw the film a few years back and when the news was announced that the rumours were true, I was absolutely over the moon. Not much has been said about the show yet but all we know is that Gretchen Weiners will definitely be having the “Fetch” song. PRICELESS!
An article that I saw after reading this though was the response to the poll Broadway.com made for who should play who in a dream world in the musical – kind of like when football fans design a ‘Dream team’ made up of the world’s best footballers. They definately chose some amazing people (like the amazing Lea Michele for Regina George (!!!!) and Kristin Chenoweth as Regina’s mum) so I thought that I’d share with you who I think would be ideal to play who in the up and coming Broadway show.
Lea Michele as Cady Heron (played in the movie by Lindsay Lohan)
I guess I’m a little biased on this one but after Broadway.com voted Lea the best candidate for Regina, I couldn’t help but include her in my line-up. Personally, I feel that Lea would be better as Cady since Cady and Lea’s Glee character Rachel have the same kind of character development (starting off shy and reserved and ending up being a lot more open and out there.) Plus it would be great to see Lea be on Broadway again!
Laura Bell Bundy as Regina George (played in the movie by Rachel McAdams)
Laura originated the role of Elle Woods in the original Broadway cast of Legally Blonde: the Musical so “being blonde and being hot” (to quote a song from the show) is something Laura can do well. Plus, she looks just like Rachel anyway!
Amanda Seyfried as Karen Smith (played in the movie by Amanda Seyfried)
It wouldn’t feel quite right if an original cast member of the Mean Girls movie wasn’t in the musical and I think the actress that would have to stay would be Amanda. No one else would be able to bring ditsy Karen to life quite like Amanda. Even though her performance as Cosette in the recent Les Mis movie wasn’t perfect, she still stole the show a few years back in Mamma Mia!
Naya Rivera as Gretchen Weiners (played in the movie by Lacey Chabert)
The only person that I feel could be just as bitchy as Gretchen yet still seem innocent at the same time would be Glee’s Naya Rivera. Her character on Glee (Santana Lopez) seems to blend those two together quite well and Gretchen would be a pretty great character to start a Broadway career with, don’t you think?
Sutton Foster as Ms Norbury (played in the movie by Tina Fey)
This is one of the actresses that I totally think was voted for correctly by Broadway.com readers. Tina Fey totally stole the show for me in the original movie and Sutton reminds me of her so much. The two-time Tony Award winner originated Princess Fiona in Shrek: the Musical and starred in shows like Anything Goes and Thoroughly Modern Millie. She’d certainly bring the charm to the character!
Krysta Rodriguez as Janis Ian (played in the movie by Lizzie Caplan)
I absolutely love Krysta and Broadway.com totally got it right when they said she should play Janis. She looks perfect for the role and after originating Wednesday Addams in 2010’s the Addams Family: the Musical, she would definitely know how to act like the grumpy teenager we all know and love. (Krysta is currently starring in NBC’s hit musical TV show Smash.)
Wesley Taylor as Damian (played in the movie by Daniel Franzese)
Along with the Book of Mormon‘s Andrew Rannells (now better known for playing Bryan on the New Normal), Wesley is one of my favourite Broadway actors of recent years. Also know for playing flamboyant Bobby on NBC’s Smash, Wesley originated the role of Lucas in Broadway’s the Addams Family: the Musical alongside Krysta and would definately be perfect for the role of Damian!
Kristin Chenoweth as Mrs George (played in the movie by Amy Poehler)
Never in my life have I read something and agreed with it so much. Broadway.com said that Kristin should play Regina’s “cool mom” and I was grinning like an ape. Hilarious Broadway veteran Kristin (who’s probably best known for originating the role of Galinda in the ever so popular Broadway musical Wicked) would be PERFECT for Mrs George. PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN, TINA FEY!
Zac Efron as Aaron Samuels (played in the movie by Jonathon Bennett)
He can sing, dance and act and managed to prove that quite well in the High School Musical trilogy. Zac would make a great Aaron and would hopefully manage to ‘woo’ the audience with his ever popular teen heartthrob status.
Taye Diggs as Principal Duvall (played in the movie by Tim Meadows)
Husband of Wicked star Idina Menzel and star of Rent, Taye Diggs would bring life and charisma to Principal Duvall – and hopefully the humour too!
Looking forward to seeing the North Shore students in a musical? Me too!

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