The future of ‘Shaunyworld’

If you aren’t up to speed with how I nickname things by now then I guess starting this post with the different names I give things is a good idea.

In the magical fairy tale that is my life (I am sane, please don’t worry about my mental state already), I am ShaunyCat (a nickname kindly given to me by my friend Emis) and I live in Shaunyland. All my social networks are in Shaunyworld (keeping up with this so far?) Now as I’ve already said, Shaunyworld is magical so everything in Shaunyworld ends with magic. For example, my Pinterest boards are ‘Wordy Magic’ and ‘Crafty Magic’. Got it now?

Anyway, I’m creating this post to tell you about the near future of what will be happening in Shaunyworld. Yesterday, I was at home sick so I redesigned the layout of my blog:

…and I’m pretty happy with how it’s turned out! So now, with it’s new look, I’m planning on writing a post daily (in an ideal world, guys. Just because I made a huge joke about a magical land at the beginning doesn’t mean I’m actually magical) and then if need be, create a video and upload it to YouTube to support the blog post. As well as these small possible mini-videos, I’m going to upload one YouTube video a week on a Sunday (also in an ideal world. It may be Saturday or it may be Monday but still, it will be there). My blog posts won’t always feature beauty and fashion related topics either. As you might have guessed by now, theatre is my fortay so I will be mentioning that quite a lot too along with television shows I’ve been watching and books I’ve been reading that I feel must be shared with the world, and my day to day life (like my ‘Dear Diary’ posts.) My YouTube videos however will always be ‘glamour’ (I use that word very loosely) dedicated (at least, I plan them to be.) 
Apologies about this being such a poor blog post but regardless, I thought I’d share this information with you nonetheless.
Shaun x

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