Marc Jacobs for Diet Coke

If you didn’t know already, Marc Jacobs is my favourite designer. I’m yet to see an item that he’s designed that I don’t like. So, when I heard that Marc was going to become the new creative director for Diet Coke’s 30th anniversary, I was ecstatic! It’s always exciting when a designer gets involved in something that you can collect at a very small cost (previous Diet Coke creative directors include Jean Paul Gaultier).

The newly designed packaging can be found on all of the bottles of Diet Coke but the most beautiful have to be the bottles above. On a white matte background, three different designs are printed onto the bottles. The first is a woman in a two-tonal purple dress with a large red hat. The background polka dot style print are matching birds. The second design is a lady in a black and white top, yellow trousers and a red scarf on a gorgeous red polka dot background. The final is a smart looking lady in a top hat and fitted suit with black polka dot style bow ties in the background. How very Marc Jacobs.

The bottle’s are available almost anywhere and a competition is currently being held to win a tote bag designed by Marc for Diet Coke every minutes (I’ve already entered 44 times. Literally..)

Shaun x

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