Fur clothing: Oui ou non?

For centuries now, women have worn animal fur as coats and collars to show their wealth and to keep warm – but is this really a moral thing to do?
The whole idea for this blog post (sorry it’s taken so long for one to come out but I’ve had so much homework and stuff that I seriously haven’t found a free second to sit down and gather my thoughts) came from my most recent Religious Studies lesson. In our current unit in class, we’re talking about cruelty to animals. We were put into groups to go away and search our designated areas of animal cruelty and present them to the class. One group’s work that really stood out for me was the ‘fur trade’ group.
When I think about animals in the fashion industry, my immediate thought is cosmetics testing – how animals are constantly used to test the latest foundation or soap on. One thing that very rarely crossed my mind when I thought of that was fur clothing.
For hundreds of years now, animals have been skinned alive for their fur to be made into expensive coats, collars and rugs and in my opinion, this is sick. I was totally shocked when it was only a week or so ago that animal testing for cosmetics was banned in the EU but to think that fur coats can still be sold over here is gross. Firstly, what kind of heartless person could bring themselves to skin a poor animal alive and then make them into a coat? And secondly, what kind of heartless person would walk down the street wearing that? It’s just horrible. Poor animals’ lives are going to waste just so that rather rich people can show off their wealth by wearing them. Why can’t they just wear a cheaper and more animal-friendly alternative if they’re so desperate for fur? – they made faux fur for a reason.
Shaun x
(P.S. For anyone who watches my YouTube videos, a video should be up either later on today or rather early tomorrow because it’s taking so long to upload! Apologies for the people who seem to get rather excited, haha)

2 thoughts on “Fur clothing: Oui ou non?

  1. I agree. I've been thinking a lot about the animal testing on cosmetics thing lately. its one of the reasons I'm so into Lush because they don't test on animals at all. I've also been thinking I should make a more conscious effort in general to look at what I'm buying and only buy it if it has not been tested on animals.
    Great post:)



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