Apologies for vanishing (again)

…Hey everyone.
I’m so so so so so sorry that I haven’t done anything on either my blog or my YouTube recently! For some reason, I suddenly felt really self conscious of doing all of this stuff and also really haven’t been feeling like myself – but I’m back on the mend and I’m going to try and spend the next week (and especially over Easter) trying to make up for everything.
I’ve actually had a video ready to upload since last week but I never uploaded it in the end so I think I’ll upload that mid next week. Tomorrow, my great friend Abbie and I are off to Camden Market so I’m sure I’ll be uploading a haul from there for Sunday’s video and then the following Sunday’s video will be my March Favourites!
Really looking forward to uploading loads of new content soon now I’m feeling a lot better – thank you to my  dedicated readers for your support and patience.
Shaun x 

Unfortunately, I’ve been spending all my time being a ‘swag fag’ (I AM OBVIOUSLY JOKING)

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