Not Worth The Hype #2: Twilight – Breaking Dawn Part 2


I love the Twilight movies, don’t get me wrong (I haven’t got round to reading the books yet. They’re all sat on my book shelf begging to be read), but the final movie in the saga was a let down.

The movie begins with Bella having had her half human and half vampire baby as she grows up a lot faster than you’re supposed to (I think she ages a year per month or something) and Bella trying to handle being a new vampire. Over the six months, Bella learns about being a vampire and eventually has to tell her dad, Charlie, that she has become something “other” instead of saying that she’s a vampire (probably because telling your dad that you’re a vampire is a difficult job or something, who knows.)
Six months after the birth of Renesmee (Bella and Edward’s baby), they all take a trip to the woods where a jealous Irina (the Cullen’s sister) see’s Renesmee and tells the Volturi that there is a new Vampire child at the Cullen’s house (this is illegal because a huge incident that happened years ago.)
As the story goes on, many vampires from around the world are told of what is going on so that they can support the Cullen’s so they aren’t murdered for the crimes the Volturi think they’ve commited.
The Volturi then arrive and they discover that the child is actually legal because she is half human which means she won’t live forever. Alice then approaches and tells them that if they cause a fight anyway, death will occur. We then see a huge fight start up where half of the Cullen’s and most of the Volturi die, to only find out that if was a vision that Alice had shown Aro (the President of the Volturi you could say.) The film ends with everyone going home and living a happily ever after and Bella and Edward reminisce old times in the field of flowers they sat in in many Twilight movies beforehand.

In my opinion, they should have put the two halves together and just made one long movie. I just think that the second movie was such a let down since there wasn’t that much storyline in it. On the other hand, I did enjoy the film a little since some scenes were rather strong (like the big fight) but I feel that the plot could have been better supported had it been a very long ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn’ instead of part’s one and two. I also enjoyed the ending of the movie with the montage of clips from the film they used and the start of the credits where they listed everyone who had starred in all five movies to ‘A Thousand Years: Part Two’ by Christina Perri (a personal favourite song.)

Overall, I think this film deserves a 6 out of 10. The storyline could have worked better had the two parts been put together but I do think that the spectacle of it all was pretty exciting.

Shaun x

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