Motivational Monday #2: Making a change

This is one of my favourite quotations of all time, but surprisingly, I only found out who said it when I Googled it to find an image to go in this blog post. It’s a quote that’s been running through my mind for years now and very recently has been going through my head for so many different reasons.
On a rather extreme scale, we’ve been talking about what we want to do in the future and when I was asked, I said that as well as theatre and fashion journalism, I also wanted to try and design a whole line of unisex clothing for people who dare to be different in their clothing choices. This is something I would love to see but that isn’t the case, so therefore, I want to be a change I want to see in the world.
On a rather smaller scale, I recently have been going through some body insecurities and since they’ve been bringing me down so much over recent months (years if I’m honest), I’ve changed them (I haven’t had botox or anything if you’re wondering, I’ve shaved my arms and legs, haha.) It’s something that’s really been bugging for a very long time now – so much so that I refused to wear shorts and short sleeved tops a lot of last year and am therefore rarely ever seen out of a pair of jeans and a jumper of some sort to hide my body hair away. 
Along with a very strong acne gene, I was also given a rather strong body hair gene (suddenly very aware that I’m talking about my body hair to numerous people on the internet). These rather unfortunate genes have left me feeling rather insecure about myself and since it’s taken me so long to finally start to give the acne a push and a shove, I decided that it was about time to give me legs and arms the push and shove they needed too. If something gets you down so much and reduces things you can do in life (like having to turn down offers to go out in the sun last year because I couldn’t exactly go out in a jumper and jeans because it was so warm) and you can change it, then why not?
Change always seems difficult and sometimes, people just aren’t going to understand why you did it. But why live every day suffering when you can very easily make it all so much better?

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