‘Archie’s Girls’ by M.A.C

If you’re a big fan of my YouTube videos (especially my monthly favourites), then you’d know that I have a secret love for comic books – the Archie’s Girls comic books as a matter of fact. So when M.A.C announced a few months back that their next collection was to be based on the girls, I literally squealed with excitement. 
Sadly, the line has sold out of most of the products now due to such high demand (I’m heading to my local M.A.C store on Wednesday to see if I can grab a few of the items that I really, really want – stock permitting) but even though the line has nearly sold out, I thought that a blog post would be the perfect opportunity so show what I think are the top three best looking products from this very exciting collection.
3 – Veronica Nail Lacquer in ‘Past Curfew’
I really, really like the M.A.C nail lacquers because of their unique colours but I was actually rather disappointed with the nail lacquers in this collection since this was the only one that I like. This is the ‘Past Curfew’ from the Veronica range and was probably the most appealing colour that was available. This colour is now out of stock along with Double Trouble from the Veronica collection but they were available here.
2 – Betty Lipglass in ‘Kiss & Don’t Tell’

Yes, you did read it right if you think I’m being stupid, M.A.C do call their lipglosses ‘lipglass’ because of their unique glass-like finish (I say that like I know that they give that finish – I read it at the top of the description for this product, not gonna lie to you). This is personally my favourite shade of all the lipglasses available in this collection. Betty’s style is seen to be very light and sweet to contrast with Veronica’s harsher tones. This almost cherry red lipgloss really makes a vibrant statement in the Betty collection. The Betty lipglass was also available in Summer Sweetheart and Stay Sweet for £15 here.

1 – Betty Lipstick in ‘Girl Next Door’

M.A.C lipstick are my absolute favourite M.A.C products around. They always have such a wide range of colours and such crazy and unique colours at that! Unlike the nail lacquers, I was very very pleased with this collection’s lipsticks. The colours were very in keeping with the tone of the collection and the packaging for this product (and all the other products in the collection action) is really really strong. The chose the Girl Next Door as my favourite shade since bright pinks are my favourite lipsticks and plus, looking at some swatches I’ve seen online, this colour will fit perfectly with the summer make-up trends. Betty lipsticks were also available in Betty Bright and Oh Oh Oh for £15.50 here.
I wish you the best of luck in finding the last few products that are lingering in stores.

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