Topshop Lip Tint in Crystal

As you probably now know because you’ve probably seen my latest video; lipsticks are my new obsession. So when I went into Topshop the other day to try and hunt down this amazing nail paint colour that I found online (I found the colour but I didn’t quite like it enough in person), I came across this lipstick. The picture doesn’t quite pick it up but this lipstick is full of glittery goodness and is such a beauty to look at. So obviously, I had to buy it, right?

The almost red looking stick comes out pink and glittery and on the lips looks absolutely amazing. The only main advice I have with this product is that you should probably wear a lip balm underneath (I use the Dr Balm by Miss Sporty in Honeymoon Kiss SOS which is a really nice shade of red). The reason I say this is because after a few hours, it really does dry out your lips. Other than that, this lipstick is pretty amazing.

Topshop Lip Tint in Crystal is available for £9 in Topshop and online here.

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