Motivational Monday #4: Is my imagination my worst enemy?

‘Alice in Wonderland’. Everyone knows the story. A girl whofalls down a rabbit hole and ends up in the magical world of Wonderland. Manyinspirational sayings are quoted from all of the re-imaginings of the story butone that stands out from the most recent Tim Burton adaption was the quote thatis pictured above. 

This is probably a huge cliché but whenever we find a taskdifficult or a situation hard to live through, the idea of it being impossibleis simply our imagination playing tricks on us and that’s what I want to talkabout today – are our imaginations ourbest friends but also our worst enemies?
The idea for this post came to mind when I sat alone in mybedroom last weekend one evening whilst my parents went to go and sortsomething out for my stepdad’s job. Sitting there alone in a dark house that isprone to making many strange noises made me feel frightened which was pretty natural.Sadly though, I was so frightened that I quite literally could not move fromwhere I was sat even though my bladder felt like it might implode. It was thenthat I realised what a mind-over-matter situation I was in. It was obvious thatnobody was inside my house trying to murder me and if they were then sittingthere on my bed was not going to help me escape from this imaginary evilfigure. So, I stood up and left the room with the knowledge that all of thefear inside of me was simply my imagination. Another similar situation is theever popular ‘they haven’t replied to my text so they must hate me’ problem.This is also completely a problem that has been made up in our heads.

The quote from the movie is used when Alice is faced withhaving to slay the Jabberwocky. If you aren’t aware of who the Jabberwocky is,it’s a rather large creature that is threatening the lives of more or lesseveryone and Alice is the only person who can slay it. So, when faced with thetask, she turns to the Mad Hatter and says “This is impossible.” In the end, itis seen that it was in no way impossible at all and that, if she stood back fora second and thought about it as she built up the courage, she really could doit.

Make this Monday the day you face your biggest fear. Stroke aspider if you’re scared of spiders. Close your eyes and sit in the dark ifyou’re scared of the dark (sitting in the bath in the dark is really good funactually. You should try that instead). Stand on a really tall bridge if you’rescared of heights. All of our fears are just in our imagination. Because if MiaWasikowska can slay a huge monster, then you can do pretty much anything.

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