School of Rock: The Musical & Updates

If you keep up with my blog and/or you know me personally, then you’d know that I am totally obsessed with musicals and it’s my passion. Nothing at all makes me happier or interests me more (sorry beauty/fashion world but you have to take second seat to the theatre world!) So, since today was the only day that I didn’t have a planned post for, I thought the news that I heard about this morning would be a PERFECT thing to write about along with a few updates that I want to talk about.
The news is… ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER IS MAKING A SCHOOL OF ROCK MUSICAL! (That’s probably a bit obvious because of the title and the picture above but I kind of had to announce it in capitals, didn’t I?!) I’m so excited!! My friend Kyle and I always talk about how amazing the movie would be as a musical and I’m so glad that Lloyd-Webber has picked it up as a new project he’s going to start after he’s finished writing his current new musical (take a Google search to find out more about that because I’m still pretty confused). Are you excited for a new West End musical version of the hit comedy-musical film?
The update I wanted to give today was as to what I post about. Over the past few weeks, I’ve only done daily blog posts on reviews and other things and it really does feel quite impersonal and only talking about beauty items seems to remove most of the fun for me. As much as I love trying out new products, only talking about beauty things really isn’t me because I seem to talk about a heap of a lot of other things more than beauty! I talk so much more about theatre and music and fashion and my life and stuff that sticking to beauty really isn’t what I want to be doing. So, if you don’t mind, my blog posts are now going to become a bit more diverse as I want to write about a broader range of things. These kinda things could be like lifestyle things (I have the first in a new series of lifestyle videos going up on my YouTube channel next week which I’m so excited about!) or theatre things and fashion things because before anything else, I live and breathe theatre and absolutely love clothing. I hope you don’t mind the sudden lack of beauty things as it comes through but it will barely go at all to be honest. Reviewing things is a great way to get blog hits and people do seem to enjoy reading about products so they will still go up – I just wanted to alert everyone that when random posts like this appear that it’s because I want Pink Bluebells to have a broader audience and be a bit more personal.
Which I guess is kinda ironic because I changed the blog name from Shaunyland to Pink Bluebells the other week…

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