‘I Heart New York’ by Lindsey Kelk

Picture taken from http://www.pieceofnyu.wordpress.com

As I know I’ve mentioned before in the odd YouTube video and in some blog posts – I really love to read. For me, it’s a substitute for belting out a show tune when you’re in a room where you’re supposed to be quiet. It’s an escape from the small worries that are playing on your mind and you can escape into another magical land of someone else’s like or a new story – I guess that’s why I love musicals so much. So when I was looking for a new book to start reading from my bookshelf of 100+ unread books (I only ever seem to read books that people let me borrow at the moment so this bookshelf is pretty full of untouched beauties), I took to doing a little bit of online research to see what excited people’s brains at the moment.
I was taking a look at one of Zoella’s latest video’s when she mentioned a series of books that she read whilst at Playlist Live in Florida this year called ‘I Heart…’ by Lindsey Kelk. I did a little Google research and realised that I actually have the first, third, fourth and latest book in the series buried away in my bookshelf so I decided to give it a go… AND I AM IN LOVE!
I haven’t actually got round to finishing the book yet because I really haven’t had the time to do so (I’m about two thirds of the way through) but so far the story is brilliant. The book begins with a woman called Angela who finds out that her husband has cheated on her and that her friends lie about it so she flees to New York City (if NYC is involved then it’s obviously a great book, right?!) When she gets there, she meets her new best friend Jenny who helps her find love and fashion and just live the big city dream.
If you haven’t already then I really recommend reading it. I don’t laugh out loud at many books but this does have some really witty things in it and it’s just so good.
‘I Heart New York’ is followed in the series by ‘…Hollywood’, ‘…Paris’, ‘…Vegas’ and ‘…London’. All are available now at RRP £7.99.

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