“And the award for the worst decision maker goes to…”

Okay. I know I’m terrible at making decisions but I PROMISE THAT I’M GOING TO KEEP IT AS IT IS NOW! I’m literally certain and if I want to change it, then I’m not even going to let myself (look at that determination).

So I suppose that people are intrigued as to why I changed the URL/username of everything again; it’s because I decided that the ‘Pink Bluebells’ idea was terrible because:
  •          ‘Pink Bluebells’ is the strangest and most horrible name ever.
  •          It felt WAY too business-like.
  •          It was so impersonal and that made it a total chore.

I don’t know if you realised (I doubt anyone did) but I deleted my blog and my YouTube for about an hour a while back because I hated it and I decided that it was because it was beginning to feel like a chore. I realised that changing all of the URLs to Pink Bluebells made everything seem like a business and it lost all the fun. So, I decided that reverting it all to Shaunyland made me feel a bit more comfy. I mainly wanted to change it back because, as I’ve mentioned before, I want to try and cut down on the excessive amount of ‘vanity’ content because I feel like I’m losing the sole purpose of all of this blogging shiz – to express myself and have fun.
I hope I haven’t confused you too much.

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