"Love Is All You Need?"

Because I’m finally on a path of blogging about things that seem to interest me instead of just blogging different beauty items for the sake of it (which does really bore me so only expect to be seeing that once in a while for the time being at least), I thought I’d share with you a mini-movie that I came across this afternoon about homophobia in a different light.
Usually, I never watch any kinds of mini-movies that focus on bullying because they’re all pretty same-same and end up wasting my time because they aren’t moving enough. But when Sarahxxlou (search her on YouTube if you don’t know her) mentioned this movie in her most recent video then I had to check it out.
The 19 minutes mini-movie is about a young girl called Taylor (I believe) who is born into a world where “straight” is “gay” and “gay” is “straight”. Everyone talks about how “the heteros” are bad and should never be spoken to or looked at but Taylor eventually begins to realise that maybe she isn’t like everyone else and is somewhat different. 
The story continues in the normal homophobia movie style but all the events seem a lot more significant because the idea of the story has been changed. I definitely advise you to watch it if you have the time because it really is very powerful.

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