"The Bodyguard" at the Adelphi Theatre

With my passionate love for musical theatre, I’m totally surprised that I’ve never actually ‘reviewed’ a show after having seen it. So since I went and saw ‘the Bodyguard’ at the Adelphi Theatre on Thursday, I thought the first theatre ‘review’ post was needed.

“The Bodyguard” is based on the 1992 movie-musical of the same name and features hits by the late Whitney Houston. The show begins with a concert-like performance of “Queen of the Desert” and “I’m Every Woman” by pop sensation, Rachel Marron. We then begin to learn that Marron is looking for a new bodyguard; but when Frank is employed behind her back, she isn’t amused. It then turns out that a little love triangle begins between Rachel, Frank and Rachel’s sister, Nicki. The rest of the musical follows the love triangle and Rachel struggling to fight off a stalker that is out to kill her.

Surprisingly, I totally loved this show. I went in with really low expectations because I was never actually that keen on the original movie but the music was a really huge selling point for me. All of the huge numbers are performed in a concert-like style and you really feel like you’re part of the story. Totally worth the night out to go and see.

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