Spring’s Cutest Skater Dresses

As I know I mentioned a few blogs posts back that I was going to cut down on beauty blog posts due to them not being very successful, I decided that as well as trying to pick up the amount of lifestyle-y blog posts that I post, the fashion related blog posts need to start being a little more frequent as well. Fashion excites me SO much more than beauty does (to be honest with you, beauty does bore me a lot sometimes. I don’t see why I need five different powders – they all look the same on my skin!) So, to start the new wave of fashion blog posts that’ll be coming along soon, I thought that making a mini ‘best things around at the moment’ post which forever seems to prove popular was needed (when I say ‘best things around at the moment’, I only mean ASOS. As per usual…)
The skater dress is the easiest dress to pull off every day of the week and is probably the dress that comes in the widest variety of styles and prints. So, because spring is coming up and spring is pretty much the season of skater dresses, I hit up ASOS to have a look at the cutest printed skater dresses available at the moment.
All products are from Asos.com

2 – Oasis Photo Floral Skater Dress – £55.00
4 – Oasis Dove Print Skater Dress – £45.00
5 – Oasis Bird Print Skater Dress – £55.00

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