Matthew Sheather Photography

(c) Matthew Sheather Photography
If you’ve been following/reading my blog for since the beginning of it’s creation then you might remember a post I wrote about a photographer called Kirsty Mitchell. Well, since that proved to be one of the most popular posts I’ve ever done, I thought I’d make a sequel (almost).
When I was trolling (I love that word) YouTube videos to find an insight into Hayley Williams’ new collection for MAC, I came across a guy called Matthew Sheather who had made a video on all of the products. I then decided to take a look at his website thinking that it was a beauty blog and discovered that it was actually a website full of his photography! I just love the natural look to his photos and regardless to them seeming so standard, they actually seem to look so interesting!
(c) Matthew Sheather Photography
Check out his website here at!

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