Where the f**k have I been?!

Just found this really old photo. I love it so much!

I haven’t sat down to write a blog post for so long that it feels almost alien. I also have “I Love It” blasting through my computer speakers so loud that the lyrics are coming out through my fingers and I’m typing them instead of what I want to say; and what I want to say is WHERE THE F**K HAVE I BEEN FOR THE PAST FEW WEEKS?!

I think it’s fair to say that I’ve totally lost the swing of writing beauty things since I realised my heart really wasn’t into it like I hoped it would be. I began to realise that I really couldn’t care less about make-up and it made myself and everyone around me feel rather uncomfortable. I’ve only ever really liked fashion and I only ever really used make up to cover up my acne. 
As I said before, I was trying to remove the beauty aspect as much as possible but I think I still wanted to keep up the idea of being a ‘beauty blogger’ and in the end, got myself so irritated by all of it that I just decided to take a break to do some thinking. And my thinking has concluded that I need to stop making so many bloody blog posts about ‘this is what my blog is about’ because quite frankly, it just makes everything really confusing.
When I feel like writing something, I’ll write about it. When I feel like making a video, I’ll make one. If I want to talk about beauty then I will. If I want to talk about theatre then I will. If I want to talk about something exciting that I’ve done recently then I will. Because the idea of being restricted to just one field of the many things that I enjoy makes me feel a little upset and I eventually end up getting sick and tired of it. So sadly this means a lot of infrequency in posts and videos and the theme will never be the same through everything.
It got to the point where I got so engrossed in writing and talking about beauty products that I got really serious and as many of my friends have pointed out, I’m really not that serious. And when I am serious, it seems to be funnier rather than serious and it’s a never ending cycle of serious confusion (I’m sure I’ve confused you as much as I’ve confused myself now…)
I just hope that people stick with reading my blog and watching my videos regardless to how infrequent and random they are because they like me as a person and not purely for what I’m talking about. Because that would be quite upsetting, wouldn’t it?

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