My Top 5 (Now Cancelled) TV Shows

Once again, I sit here looking at the computer screen wondering why the heck I haven’t written a blog post in such a long time. Even though I said there might not be blog posts as regularly, I still feel like I have failed and made the gap of time between this blog post and the last too long. Regardless; I was all prepared to write a vanity [beauty/fashion (I don’t know why but those words make me cringe)] related blog post today when inspiration struck to write about something a little bit more random – television.

This isn’t totally random I guess since I’ve written about many more random things recently but since I realised that my three favourite TV shows that still air on TV (Glee, the Carrie Diaries and Smash) are either on a hiatus or have recently been cancelled, I thought talking about my favourite TV shows to watch on DVD during hiatuses would be appropriate.

Pushing Daisies (Ran in England on ITV1 from 2007-2009 for 2 seasons)

The original reason I started watching Pushing Daisies was because of Kristin Chenoweth who I knew rather well by now for starring in Broadway’s ‘Wicked’. As always, she steals the show in this mysterious comedy about Ned the piemaker falling in love with his murdered childhood sweetheart who he managed to bring back to life (it’s all very confusing). The show sadly only ran for two seasons after the show’s American home ABC decided to cut it.

Smash (Ran in England on Sky Atlantic from 2012-2013 for 2 seasons)

Technically, Smash hasn’t actually ended yet for British viewers because the second season doesn’t air here until July but since I’m a little bit addicted, I cheekily watched the show online right until it got cut last week. The show follows a group of theatre professionals trying to put on the Marilyn Monroe bio-musical “Bombshell”. If you love musicals, then you’ll love Smash. Plus, it stars Broadway actress Megan Hilty – what more could you want?!

Ugly Betty (Ran in England on E4/Channel 4 from 2006-2010 for 4 seasons)

If you haven’t ever seen Ugly Betty before then you must be pretty damn good at avoiding Channel 4/E4. Ugly Betty follows the story of Betty Suarez – a girl who has never felt beautiful and feels decidedly less beautifully when hired to be the assistant to the editor-in-chief of Mode magazine (like fictional Vogue). Forever making me laugh and with some cracking storylines/cliffhangers (it’s probably one of the most dramatic comedies I’ve seen in a long time), Ugly Betty is probably one of my favourite TV shows ever.

Desperate Housewives (Ran in England on Channel 4 from 2004-2012 for 8 seasons)

If not knowing what Ugly Betty is is weird enough then not knowing what Desperate Housewives is is even weirder. Probably one of the 21st Centuries most well-known and appraised show ever, Desperate Housewives follows the story of four housewives from fictional American road Wisteria Lane. Expect murders, weddings, pregnancies, keeping your son locked in a basement and many more completely crazy storylines. Definitely a must-watch.

Sex and the City (Ran in England on Channel 5 from 1998-2004 for 6 seasons)

Other than Glee and Doctor Who, Sex and the City is my favourite TV show ever. The show, which ran for 6 years and also got two movies in 2008 and 2010 and a new spin-off show ‘the Carrie Diaries’ this year, follows the lives of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda as they try and find love in New York City. A hilarious TV legacy that if you haven’t seen before then you must see it now.

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