Motivational Monday #5 – Working For Your Dreams

I was going through my Pinterest board of inspirational quotes (if you haven’t followed me on Pinterest yet then you can follow me here) and I found this perfect inspirational quote just in time for Motivational Monday!

I think it’s fair for me to say that I never used to really pay attention to doing anything in school other than Drama, Dance, Music and a few others like History and English. Why? Because I truly felt that since my dreams are to be on stage and be successfully performing, I wouldn’t need all the good grades! Of course, I was right. To become a musical theatre performer, you don’t technically need a single good grade because they’re judging your talent and not by how smart you are. But I stopped and thought to myself over the half term before starting my GCSE courses and I came to the realisation that that really isn’t a very healthy attitude to take towards life. If I don’t have the effort to sit through a lesson that I don’t care very much about at all then whose to say that I won’t take the same approach when it comes to rehearsing a show that I don’t want to be in that much either?

Now I don’t know whether or not it’s because I’ve had the chance to drop about 50% of my subjects that I took before last week but this seriously seems to be working really well now! (If you’re interested, I took Drama, Music, Textiles and History for GCSE along with the compulsory Biology, Chemistry, English, Religious Studies and Maths). But obviously, working for your dream is what this is about…

With this new attitude that I seem to be taking towards academic success, I’m doing everything with such passion now! I feel so much more passionate about working towards musical and theatrical success too! I really enjoy practicing some singing or piano playing or dancing or acting in the evenings even more than I did before now because I know that every second I spend on rehearsing is a second closer to my dream.

After this new lease of life that’s been so big, it’s managed to pump more passion into this strong passion that I had before and now, I’ve never felt as good about myself! I feel like I’m striving even harder to be better now and that things are all so much easier and more enjoyable to do.

I guess another thing that this has made me think of is never giving up on a task I have at hand. I never was the brightest bulb in the tanning bed so when I’ve realised that I haven’t quite got what my teacher is trying to teach me, I don’t feel the want to just give up and sit back and wait for it to be over anymore. I feel the want to ask for help and to find a way to understand and I feel this can apply to anyone else’s dreams and life ambitions; Never give up on them because you feel you aren’t good enough. Don’t loose those dreams that make you happy to think about. As cliche as it may sound, you really can do anything when you put your mind to it! I should know – I managed to learn quadratic equations last week…

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