My personal buddies on the interweb!

Obviously, I have friends. (Actually, that probably isn’t as apparent as I think it is…) Regardless, I have a good group of friends and some of them actually make YouTube videos! Since I tried to make a point of it a few months back, I’m trying to now range out into covering multiple genres of topics. So, with this in mind and with inspiration from an idea that Zoella used on her Facebook page a few weeks back, I thought I’d share with you my fellow interweb buddies and their rather different YouTube channels!

Stephen from stephentom912
Stephen has been a really great friend of mine for a while and we’ve mainly been friends through doing the school musicals together and other activities like clubs and now in my Drama GCSE class! Stephen has also recently really taken an interest into photography, art and design and after he ordered his new camera to support his photography blog, he decided to make YouTube videos, too. If you like famous YouTubers like Alfie from PointlessBlog and Marcus Butler (but funnier) then you’ll love Stephen. Find him on YouTube here and also check out his photography and chatty blog at
Molly from LeaveAMollyAtTheTone
Molly’s a really great friend of mine that I get on the bus with twice a day too and from school so when I realised that she’d started making YouTube videos, it was really nice to know that I had a friend who was close to home and liked doing the same kind of thing as myself. If you like chatty but funny videos and YouTubers like Sarahxxlou then you’ll love Molly. Check her out here!

Emma from Apocalyptic Emma

Sadly, I’ve never really had the chance to properly sit down and talk to Emma for a rather long duration of time but we do know each other through many different quick chats here and there. When Emma started doing videos, I got really excited since I’m such a big fan of her and her music (‘Emma In The Cherry Tree’) which she uploads regularly to her Soundcloud account (she writes all her own stuff as well as playing and singing it!) Check out Emma on YouTube here and check her out on Soundcloud here!
Chaya from GuptaStudios
If you’ve been following my blog and/or you’ve been watching my videos for a while, then you will probably know one of my best friends ever, Chaya! We made a video together in February and she supplied some rather amazing photography skills on one of my most popular blog posts ever (my only ever OOTD) and she has her very own YouTube channel, too! Her videos are always on some random topic and she’s just so funny to watch! Check her out on YouTube at!

Fin from FinDoesVlogs

Even though my good friend Fin is probably as new to YouTube as you can be (he’s only got one video that he uploaded last week – but there’s more to be coming soon!) he’s an amazing bassist and musician and from the looks of his YouTube channel name, Vlogs are on their way in the near future, too! Check Fin out here!
I hope you take the time to check out at least one of my good friends listed above and see their rather varied content too. We’re all struggling to build up popularity online and we all just want to get a few more subscribers, likes and views to get our channels really going. Don’t forget to tell them that I sent you!

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