‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time’ at the Apollo

So the last time I headed to Theatreland in April to see the Bodyguard: the Musical, I wrote a review on this blog and said that every time a saw a new show on the West End that I’d review it. Well, on Wednesday evening, I was lucky enough to go on our most recent school theatre trip to see ‘the Curious Incident on the Dog in the Night-Time’ at the Apollo Theatre. 
My good friend Kyle bought me the book for my birthday about two years ago and he told me that it was his favourite book ever and that I had to read it. So, doing as I was told, I eventually got round to reading it a few months later and totally fell in love – just in time for the announcement that a stage production was being commissioned and was going to run a short stint at the Cottesloe Theatre. Sadly, I missed that short trial run and I also consequently missed the live cinema screening of the show at my local theatre. Luckily though, the run at the Cottesloe wasn’t the shows last and the show opened at the Apollo this March. The show, which opened to rave reviews, was obviously becoming something that I was more and more interested in seeing as time progressed and luckily, a few months back, our school decided to run a very small school trip to go and see it!
Since the whole story would be ruined if I were to tell you the story here (if you’ve read the book or already seen the show then you’ll understand why I can’t really say anything) but what I can say is that it has to be one of the best live theatre experiences I’ve ever had the chance to go and see. The set was the first thing that caught my attention. A huge technical grid creates the set with light, changing pictures, doors and other magical attractions – it’s so hard to put into words how it all works but it truly is remarkable!
If you ever get the chance to see the show, I can honestly not recommend it enough. I laughed and cried the whole way through and every single cast member makes the show even stronger. A total 11/10 in my books and a certain must see.

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