L’Oreal Paris "Skin Perfection" Exfoliator

Firstly, as always, I have a few apologies to make. Firstly, I’m afraid pictures are going to be a lot grainer than before since my stupid iPhone has decided to pack in again! So I can’t use the camera on that anymore without it being a huge effort that really isn’t worth it in the end. Also, apologies for this being on my bathroom windowsill (they always seem to be for some reason) but I don’t have anywhere else that’s any better at the moment!
Anyway, I’ve been wanting to try this product since it was very first released. I totally love L’Oreal – I think it’s just so classy for a drugstore brand (I guess that’s understandable since the owners of L’Oreal also own the YSL makeup range). I discovered this products rather amazing powers thanks to my good friend Abbie’s mum. (Cut a long story short, I might have used a cheeky bit when my skin was feeling rather crappy one morning after staying over.)
This product comes in a typical cleanser plastic sachet with a plastic capped lid at the base. It’s bright orange and seems ah-may-zing. (Seriously, this beats the scent of that Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit moisturiser). For someone with rather terrible skin, I find that if a product works for me, then it’s most certainly going to work for most other people… and my god has the worked for me!
I like to use this every three nights or so so it doesn’t adjust to my skin and so that something actually happens every time I use it. The crap that washes from my face afterwards makes my skin feel the smoothest I can remember it feeling for years! I like to follow up with the matching toner/makeup remover (which is basically a dupe for Bioderma – I plan to review the L’Oreal toner/makeup remover next week).
If you want a good exfoliator, I definately recommend this. Available for £4.49 from Boots.

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