Budget Moisturisers: Nivea Soft

I’m sure I’ve mentioned on many occasions that I have extremely sensitive skin which means that I can only ever get really cheap, budget moisturisers or ludicrously expensive high end ones – nothing in the middle. So due to this rather big range in prices, I seem to be overloaded with cheap budget moisturisers which is pretty much a blog post series in itself, right?!

Nivea is one of my favourite drugstore skincare brands because of their amazing quality are crazy cheap prices. Nivea soft can be used as a face moisturiser, body moisturiser and a hand moisturiser which makes carrying bottles around in your bag so much easier! The consistency is mixed and works at it’s best at this time of year – a warm afternoon when you’re out and about and your skin feels a bit dry.

I definitely wouldn’t recommend using this as your main skincare routine moisturiser, but it’s definately a great product to carry around in your bag.

Nivea Soft is available in tube form for £1.84 here or in a pot for £4.28 here.

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