Motivational Monday #6 – Some Things Take Time

I was talking to a teacher of mine the other day when she told me that if I just slowed down with everything I do, I would appreciate it so much more and things wouldn’t seem as difficult to get past. I took this information with me and after careful consideration and thought, I’ve realised that what she said is totally correct. 
I think it’s fair to say that no one is totally patient and we all like to get things done quickly – especially with the ‘yolo’ epidemic and making sure you do everything you can before it’s too late, but perhaps doing everything too quickly can become slightly dangerous. Doing everything so quickly seems to affect me in some of the most standard ways. It leaves me with nothing to do in a day because I’ve been ruthless enough to get the jobs done all before lunchtime. Doing silly things like writing blog posts first thing in the morning and leaving me with nothing else to do leaves me feeling impatient and wanting everything else to happen as quick as possible and when I want them to, and this isn’t always the right thing.
Some things are supposed to take a long time for a reason; so you enjoy the journey there. Even starting to be a bit more relaxed and not rushing to do things has left me feeling a little bit less impatient and left me knowing that if I wait for something then I’ll definitely appreciate it so much more when it comes around.
Enjoy the journey to the dream as much as possible; the thrill is in the chase but never in the capture.

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