Benefit "Stay Flawless" 15 Hour Primer

It was about two weeks ago when Maria, Lucy and I (the girls from my London Fashion Week Vlog from February) headed into House of Fraser to have a look at the NARS counter when we were guided towards the Benefit counter because of the lovely lady that worked on the counter. After being sat in her makeover seats for two hours, Lucy and I decided that we’d pick up this: the ‘Stay Flawless” 15 Hour Primer stick.

Retailing at £25.50 each, I was more than excited to grab one after eyeing them up for weeks… but when I got home, I realised that I was excited over nothing.

To apply the primer, you rub the stick around your face (a bit like a glue stick), rub it in and then quickly apply your concealer/foundation. (If you’re wondering, the easiest way to do this is to do bit by bit of your face so you don’t have to rush as much). After having tested it for a few days, I realized that it really doesn’t make your makeup sit on your face very evenly and almost makes it look rather cakey. I definitely prefer the look of my makeup without it.

I would probably only pull this out when I’m going to be out from dawn until dusk but otherwise, I don’t think it was worth the near-on £26 I spent on it. Total let down.

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