New Look Wishlist

I have a confession to make… I’ve never actually bought anything from New Look. I know, I know, that does sound a little bit crazy and seemingly difficult since there’s only about six half decent high street stores in the UK but it’s true. So after having this sudden realisation the other day, I decided to take a look in store and on their website to put together a small list of things that I want from there… and I already love it.
Animal. Jumpers. Are. The. Cutest. Effing. Thing. Ever. I mean, I don’t actually have any yet… but that isn’t the point. I actually saw this sweater (it’s more of a sweater material in my opinion and in my opinion, should be worn on it’s own) in store whilst on a trip in with my friend, Lucy. This jumper was placed on a rack right at the front of the store; it was love.

If you know me, then you’ll know that I’m obsessed with my polka dot satchel from H&M that I spotted on Oxford Street in February (if you haven’t seen me babble on about that yet, check out the OOTD post with it in here). So when I spotted this more understated polka dot satchel (with hearts on!) online, my heart began to melt. Do not be surprised if you see this in a haul, soon…

3 – Mid Blue Denim Full Length Dungarees (£26.99)
If you’ve been following my blog for a while then you would have seen my old icon (that I liked to use a lot) of me wearing my blue dungarees that I got off eBay just before Christmas last year. Since they were so hard to find at the time, I only managed to get a rather unflattering pair that originally came from Topman and really don’t fit me very well. Since then, I’ve picked up a pair of jersey dungarees (in polka dot!) from ASOS which were sadly also too big so hopefully these reasonably skinny ones from New Look might fit me a bit better!

4 – Grey Belted Snood Coat (£39.99)
No, I have not gone totally mad and started wearing coats in this weather (that’s a bit of a lie – I’ve already bought three coats this summer and found ways to wear all three) but the truth is that I’m a sucker for coats. And I’m also a sucker for being a little bit over prepared sometimes. This coat would be great for the cold winter months.

5 – Monochrome Heart Print Shirt (£17.99)
Okay, so by now, I think it’s apparent that I am a crazy polka dot nutter so when I saw this shirt after seeing the satchel, I went a little bit crazy. I need say no more…

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