Motivational Monday #7 – Do we always do the right thing?

Just before we start: we’ve made it to the tenth Motivational Monday! Yay! If you haven’t read the other nine Motivational Mondays then check the list of links at the end of the post after you’ve read this one (or read them from number one all the way to here – whatever floats your boat). 
So I went on to my Pinterest to see what motivational wordy images I had on my Wordy Magic board (if you don’t already follow me on Pinterest, check me out here) when I came across this image and decided that this was the perfect thing to talk about this week.

I’ve been realising recently that a lot of people I know have either come across as a bit rude when with a group and actually been surprisingly lovely when getting acquainted in a private environment or unfortunately, vice versa. When I read this quote about, it instantly reminded me of that.

Coming back to the people who come across as nasty and aren’t, it makes me wonder whether or not they’re hiding their lovely personalities to enhance their popularity or to seem a little bit cooler (because being nice is obviously socially frowned upon). So this made me wonder – would that cool person help someone that they’d usually consider a lower than them if they were in grave danger? Or would they continue to play the act even though it’s the wrong thing to do? I hope we can all say that we’d help.

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