Shaunyland’s Autumn/Winter Schedule

If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, you’ll know that I used to always post mini schedule updates (that I would never, ever stick to!) at the end of random blog posts which eventually annoyed everyone including myself. So, considering I’ve taken it upon myself to take Shaunyland a lot more seriously again as a half-year-resolution, I’ve decided that a full week schedule should come back which means… two videos a week!
On Mondays, I plan to continue with my weekly ‘Motivational Monday’ posts since I really love writing them and thinking about them and they do prove pretty popular. On Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, I’m going to start writing posts that are scheduled for release at 7am. At least three of these posts should be regarding the world of beauty and fashion but obviously, not everything is set in stone because I do like to spice things up a little bit sometimes! On Sundays, I still plan to upload a beauty/fashion related video as per usual with a corresponding blog post talking about it a bit on here (obviously, that isn’t the case today but it will all be back to normal as of next week.) The final and biggest change to the Shaunyland schedule is the return of the second weekly video on a Wednesday. When I did Wednesday beauty videos before, I quickly ran out of ideas and it led to me loosing views. So I’ve decided to make Wednesday videos fun and random videos like vlogs, tags and chatty videos I guess with friends and just on my own sometimes. I have a really excited six week series for Wednesday videos that starts this Wednesday so watch this space to find out what that is!
Obviously, this new schedule is not totally set in stone. Nobody is perfect and sometimes, making two videos a week or managing to find enough things to write about can be difficult but it should stick as it is for the vast majority of the time considering I always schedule my posts so they’re ready for upload and I don’t miss deadlines and the same with videos. I’m looking forward to posting all this new content this half of the year, already!
Oh, and just for the record – this is the 100th blog post on here! What a coincidence it’s about the site itself!

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