Motivational Monday #8 – Taking a break isn’t always bad

I saw this picture a long time ago on Pinterest and even though it’s such a common phrase, seeing it right in front of my eyes made it a whole lot more effective. I came across this phrase around the time I started to get off my arse and start blogging and YouTubing properly and not just giving it a half hearted job. Obviously though, after a while, that did get tiring. Some people can handle blogging every day and making videos twice a week and socialising and all of that but those people are full grown people doing it for a living – not a teenager who has to go to school five times a week and has (on average) four pieces of homework to complete every evening. After a while, everything started to take it’s toll and I skipped videos some weekends because I didn’t feel well enough to do them. I was stressing out about school and homework and then stressing out about blogging and YouTubing and then stressing out about socialising and rehearsing for things and attending classes after school and in the end, exhaustion caught up on me and I had to take a break. Then I cut down from seven days of blogging a week and two videos to four days of blogging a week and one video. This helped considerably and because I was writing all my blog posts the night before, I was definately getting a lot more sleep.
A couple of months on and here we are. I’ve started the same blogging regime again and life hasn’t changed, so where do I find time do fit it all back in again without killing myself from exhaustion?
I went back to this quote: I can and I will. I had to find a way to get back on track with the blogging before it eventually fizzled out and I’d wasted my time so I sat down and had a think. Suddenly, inspiration hit – I was being so organised with everything else and holding on to it all so tight that the blogging got neglected. Why don’t I just relax a little and try and be more organised in every area of my life?! So now, I prepare all my blog posts and videos on the Sunday before the week they’re due to go up and because I usually take Sundays as a day of doing nothing, it does me no harm at all! I don’t find myself moping around and getting bored for no apparent reason – I’m actually doing something worthwhile instead!
I took a break from blogging for a while until I realised that I can and I will. I can make some time to blog without ruining my health and I will do that for my own benefit if anything else. So next time you think you need to give something up just because you can’t cope with it, have a bit of a re-jig. You can and you will.

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