O.P.I. "Dutch Ya Just Love OPI"

Oh O.P.I, O.P.I, O.P.I how can you deceive me so much? I bought this purple nail polish because I knew that it would match an outfit that I was wearing a few weeks ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. The brush is large and for someone with large nails, that is pretty vital. The consistency of the paint is also a very good blend of not too liquidy at all but also not too gelly (like the Barry M nail paints – expect a negative review on those soon.) Considering the colour is deep purple and very opaque, I also was very impressed that my nails were totally opaque after about two coats. Or at least I thought they were…
I woke up the next morning to see that the polish had actually dried rather streaky (look at my middle picture above and you’ll see what I mean.) I was totally surprised considering that looked totally opaque the night before! I ventured out of the house after having showered and got ready anyway to realise that water from the shower had also streaked the nail paint even more and in some parts, little bubble of water had actually started to chip them! I decided that I needed to get on anyway and went on with my dad regardless. 
I was looking for a colour to paint my nails the other night in preparation for this blog post when I stumbled across this colour and decided that maybe I should give it another chance considering I totally love the colour… but the same thing happened again! I couldn’t believe it! I did put on a further coat later on in the morning after having got ready though (and taking this picture) and luckily, my nails looked totally opaque like normal.
O.P.I has always been such a good quality brand in my eyes but I’m totally shocked by this rather strange occurrence. I think that kind of quality is a bit crap and personally, I think I prefer Essie nail paints to this one. However, my other O.P.I nail paints don’t have this problem so maybe I just got a bad one… does anyone else have this problem, too?

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