Budget Moisturisers: Garnier Moisture Match

I was going to London with Abbie the other week but before we went, I took a look around her newly decorated bedroom. Being the beauty enthusiast that I am, I obviously went to take a look at her little beauty corner where she likes to keep all of her makeup and when I got there, I found this. I’d been wanting to try this out since the day it was released and with Abbie’s strong recommendation under my belt, I headed into a Boots on Oxford Street and picked one up – and I honestly I am impressed.

Garnier Moisture Match is a line of moisturisers released by Garnier earlier on this year, each designed to suit a certain skin type (there are five in total.) As you can see from the picture above, I have the green one because I have oily to combination skin. This stuff works like a dream. I only use it in the day because I don’t really think it’s suited for night time use – I apply a pea sized amount all over my face and it evens out all my lumps and bumps whilst mattifying the appearance of my skin and also moisturising it under the pores! This stuff is amazing!

I don’t think I can really say much else about this but for the price it is, it’s a strong recommendation from me.

Garnier Moisture Match are currently £3.99 in Boots (on offer) and can be found here.

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