The Week #2

The Week on Instagram @ShaunyNolan: Off to see the 1D movie (perhaps a little bit more excited than I should’ve been) // Saturday night movie night // A typical Thursday afternoon at the theatre // On the train to the V&A // Reunited with my best friend after well over a month // sat in a field ‘cow watching’ with Lucy
Product Pick of the Week: YSL Baby Doll Mascara – My god do I love this mascara. In tomorrow’s video, I mention that I replaced a mascara due to being allergic to my old one so I decided to replace it with this since I’d been lusting after it for so long. I won’t say much now because you can check out my review I’ll be posting on here next Friday!
Must-Watch of the Week: I was at Lucy’s house and catching up on some videos (I’ve had no internet at home at the moment hence the considerate lack of blog posts this week). I searched up Vivianna because she’s one of my all time favourite beauty YouTubers and watched this video. I found it original, insightful and just beautiful. Watch ViviannaDoesMakeup’s latest “Get Ready With Me” video right now!
Added to the Wish List this week: Rimmel London ‘Wake Me Up’ Foundation – Before I headed off with Lucy and Maria to the V&A earlier on this week (blog posts about all of that coming up next week), I asked Lucy if she’d do my makeup with some of her makeup just because I get exceptionally bored of using my own. This foundation was absolutely amazing I felt and just absolutely perfect match for my skin. For £8.99, it’s a bargain too!

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