Neutrogena Visibly Clear Skincare

I think the photo above tells you how much I love pink skincare items… so when I heard many reviews from people at school about how amazing the Neutrogena stuff was last year, I thought that their Pink Grapefruit line of skincare items would do nicely.
If you watch my videos or know me well then you will know that I suffer terribly with acne. Over the past few months, it’s really calmed down but for about two years before that it was ruining my life. When it first began about two years ago, I headed straight to Neutrogena (I remember that it was around the time Vanessa Hudgens was the spokesgirl) and got a beaded cleanser. It was sh*t. True sh*t. I think it ruined my skin more than help get rid of the acne! It took me another six months to realise that it was acne and not just spots so I went to the doctor’s and have been using prescribed medication since. However, about a year ago, my skin was still bugging me like mad and after everyone at school said that this stuff was better now, I decided to give Neutrogena a second chance (one of the worst choices of my life so far).
This stuff smells amazing. Seriously. I wish they did a body wash or a body butter of this scent because it’s that amazing. But the products are crap. The cleanser, even though it’s foaming and not beaded like the old one, still only hinders my skin and makes my skin feel crap! The moisturiser isn’t as bad and actually worked quite well as an evening moisturiser when I had nothing else but you can still get a lot better.
Overall, I do not recommend trying Neutogena cleansers or anything from this line for that matter. The quality is horrible and it just made my skin feel a heck of a lot worse.
Has anyone else ever had this problem with Neutrogena?

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