L’Oreal Paris Elvive Colour Protect Conditioner

I absolutely love the Tresemme conditioner in the white bottle that’s almost a litre in capacity but I only like to buy it when I go to my local Savers store because it’s about a third of the price there. Sadly, I haven’t gone there in about two months so I decided to go and try some other conditioner. I’ve been wanting to try some L’Oreal haircase for a while (the Color Riche line in particular) but I only had a fiver on my one night after school so decided to try this instead and I’m really happy with it!
Elvive is probably the cheapest haircare range that L’Oreal Paris do and this conditioner is amazing. I bought the colour care one because it’s supposed to be more intense and it’s a lot better than the Tresemme one I used to use. You have to use far less product with this and it’s such an easier bottle to store around the bathroom because it’s so much sleeker! For £3.99, it’s worth it. I really want to try the shampoo to go with it, now!

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