Spotted in Allure

One of my favourite magazines is Allure, as if pretty much every other beauty guru’s. I saw a post almost identical to this one on (possibly my favourite beauty blog) and I thought it would be a pretty good idea to replicate the posts. It’s basically a list of products that are advertised in Allure (Allure is an American magazine so all the products advertised are American) that I’m currently lusting after.
Covergirl Smoochies – I’ve been wanting these darn things forever and ever after I saw MacBarbie07 mention them in a video a while back. They’re basically the Covergirl alternative to the Revlon Lip Butters and I think I’m beginning to love those again, too.
Maybelline Colour Tattoo Metal – I think we all know that I love the Colour Tattoo’s with all my heart and there are so many different versions of the available in the states (I’ll be talking about the pressed pigmented version later on in this post). These are basically exactly the same as the normal Colour Tattoo’s but with cool, metallic shades. God they are pretty.
Dior Airflash Spray Foundation – I’m almost certain that I’ve seen this at my local Dior counter recently but since I spotted it in Allure, I suppose it belongs in this blog post. If you read my post about water in a can yesterday, it’s exactly the same idea but with foundation instead of water! How cool is that!?
Maybelline Colour Tattoo Pure Pigments – As I just said, I love the Colour Tattoos and in America, they have a pressed pigment edition! The colours are deeper and so pretty and I cannot put into words how badly I hope these hop across the pond asap!
Makeup by Marc Jacobs – So I think this was inevitable to be put in this post. I want to try some of the Marc Jacobs makeup line incredibly badly. As you know if you know me well, I adore Marc Jacobs and every single product in his new makeup lines looks and sounds to be incredible. Sadly, this is only available in the US branches of Sephora which means that when I go to Paris in a few weeks, it won’t be in stores there! (More about Paris soon but Marc Jacobs makeup will be available in European branches of Sephora in the Spring and hopefully, the UK by the summer!)

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