The Week #8

The Week in Instagram Posts @ShaunyNolan: An oldie of me being a bit overly excited… // Cute new makeup bag courtesy of mum! // You know Christmas is coming when you can pick up one of these // My September Favourites
The Week In Shaunyland Posts: The Week #7 // My September Favourites // The Makeup Bag: October
Product Pick of the Week: Revlon Colorstay nail varnish in ‘Midnight’ (290) – When I saw the new autumn collection from Essie, I fell head over heals in love with ‘After School Boy Blazer’ but after I saw a few swatches and blog reviews, I decided that it was far too dark and not the colour I was hoping for. So, I began a hunt for the colour I was really after and came across this! More about it in a blog post next week but it’s fantastic!
Must-Watch of the Week: This week, I was gawping throughout Tanya Burr’s Autumn and Winter Beauty Haul video. It’s a pretty quick but helpful look at some items in Boots at the moment. And everyone loves a good ol’ haul, eh?
Added to the wish list this week: Bourjouis Shine Edition lipsticks – Once again, Bourjois is catching my eye and I’ve recently set my heart on one or two of the lipsticks from this range. I think the packaging is super cool and modern and the texture and lasting power seems to be really good, too!
This is going to be my final ‘The Week’ post for a while. I’ve got a little bit bored of them to be honest with you and since it’s using up a blog post a week now that I don’t write very many, they crop up a lot more frequently than they used to. I promise that they’ll return in a few months time!

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