Revlon Colorstay Nail Polishes… Comparable to Essie?

I’m almost certain that I mentioned this product in either a blog post or a video recently but I actually only tried this polish on the weekend just gone and I have totally fallen in love. I originally set out to buy Essie’s ‘After School Boy Blazer’ but after taking a look at some swatches online, I realised that it really wasn’t the colour that I was hoping for. I was actually hoping for a very deep, autumnal blue which is what it looked like in the bottle but it seemed to come across as borderline black in photographs which totally turned me away from it. Instead, I decided to raid Boots and see if I could find the colour that I was hoping for… and I found it
Colorstay is one of Revlon’s many makeup lines that includes it’s renowned Colorstay foundation and the new retractable lipsticks to name a few items. Generally, I love Revlon products. I think the quality is amazing and even though some of the products make you wonder why you’re buying Revlon instead of MAC, every product I have bought from Revlon so far has been totally what I was hoping for. 
As for this nail polish, the quality is comparable to Essie. It has the same creamy texture as an Essie polish which makes application easy and means that the brush can glide across the nail easily giving the colour a lovely smooth and sleek effect. Talking of the brush; it’s perfectly wide enough to cover the diameter of my little finger nail which means that application on all of the nails is quite, effortless and easy. The colour is also rather opaque so you only really need two coats to get a totally opaque look (you could actually get away with one coat if you were in a rush). 
I applied this colour without a top coat, too, and it managed to last for about four days in the end until the ends of my nails began to chip ever so slightly which I think is outstanding quality considering the Revlon don’t only make nail polishes – another way in which Revlon nail polishes are comparable to Essie. Furthermore, I think that if you’re stuck to find the colour that you want in the Essie range then the Revlon nail bar is where you need to be heading. Perfect quality, outstanding colour range and I’m perfectly satisfied. Now then, did I hear someone say that they make a pastel green colour, too?…

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